Odbiornik ELRS EPW 5 Happymodel 2,4 GHZ

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Item: Happymodel EPW5 2.4GHz pwm receiver
ESP8285, SX1280/1281
Antenna connector: IPEX MHF 1/U.FL
5x PWM outputs
RF Frequency: 2.4GHz (2400~2480MHz)
Telemetry power: 12dbm
Receiver protocol: PWM or CRSF
Input voltage: +5V DC @ “+” pad
PCB size: 17mm x 14mm
Weight: 1.1g with antenna
Default firmware version: ExpressLRS v2.0

DIY_2400_RX_PWMP,  PWM receiver via 1~5 PWM outputs
HappyModel_EP_2400_RX,  CRSF Serial receiver via TX and RX
Firmware update via UART or WIFI

Package Included:
1 x Happymodel EPW5 2.4GHz pwm Receiver
2 x 2.4GHz antenna
3 pin 2.54mm

Bind Procedure:

  1. Supply power to the EPW5 RX, wait until the Green LED on the RX is off, immediately turn off the power, and then repeat again the above steps. When the RX is powered on for the third time, the Green LED light will start to double-flash, which means that the RX enters the binding mode
  2. Get into menu of ELRS.LUA V2.0 version from your radio transmitter and then press BIND, the Green LED on the RX module will getting to be solid if bind successfully.

Receiver LED status meanings:
LED solid means bind successful or Connection established; LED double-flash means in bind mode; LED flash slowly means no signal connection from the TX module; LED flash fast means in WIFI hotspot mode, you can connect the WIFI of the RX and upgrade firmware of the RX via visit from the web browser(password: expresslrs)


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